May 20 and 21, 2023 at Center Stage Theater

Program-Ballet in Bloom

Artistic Director-Denise Rinaldi

Sea Rain

Choreography: Valerie Huston
Music: Ezio Bosso-In Her Name, The Sea Rain

Dancers: Contessa Atkinson, Julia Carlander, Katharine Carlander, Aislinn Kisner, Abril Flores Rodriguez, Evelyn Mills, Ember Reiter, Elisabeth Robilio, Lizzie Throop

Directors Welcome

Vita Rosa

Choreography: Julia Carlander
Music: Einfackh- Op. 94 Romance in A Major; Ciaccona. Vilvaldi-Concerto for Strings in A Minor

Dancers: Contessa Atkinson, Abril Flores Rodriguez, Evelyn Mills, Ember Reiter, Lizzie Throop, Jenin Van der Ven

Guest Performance UCSB  Dance Company Directed by Delila Moseley

No Freedom Like a Dance (2012)

Choreographer: Nancy Colahan
Restaged by Derion Loman
Music: Thomas Newman
Costumes: Ann Bruice
Light Design: Sophie Lynd

Dancers: Clare Agustin, Jaliana Semien, Megan Baytosh, Jessie Chin, Bailey Dodgion, Emily Eckert, Mia Griff, Madeline Josa, Dalya Modlin, Audrey Perry

Quantum Entanglement Quartet

Choreography: Valerie Huston
Music: Conlon Nancarrow-Player Piano Study 6

Dancers: Contessa Atkinson, Evelyn Mills, Ember Reiter, Gabrielle Salgado

An Ode to Charlotte Bronte

Choreography: Denise Rinaldi
Inspired by the Carlander sisters who always have their nose in a book!
Music: John Field-Nocturne No 5 in B Flat; Schumann-Ball-Scenen; John Field Polnaise en Rondeau
Costumes: Class Act Tutus, made possible by generous donations from Valerie Huston and Denise Rinaldi
Book Cover designed by Carol Rinaldi

Soloist: Jenin Van der Ven
Julia Carlander, Katharine Carlander, Aislinn Kisner, Abril Flores Rodriguez,
Elisabeth Robilio, Lizzie Throop,




Once Upon a Time

 Narrator: Ember Reiter
Choreographer: Denise Rinaldi
Assistant Choreographer: Julia Carlander
Additional Choreography by various Advanced Dancers
Costumes: Denise Rinaldi
Seamstress assistance: Yvonne Kleeburg

Where the Wild Things Are

Music Eric Coates- The Dambusters
Based on the story by Maurice Sendack

Max: Declan Weber
Wild Things: Maggie Adler, Sabrina Hernandez, Sierra Janci, Ava Russo, Kennedy Stad, Alexis Yau, Caitlin Weber, Aria Kaay


Anastasia: Stella Adler
Family: Katharine Carlander, Elisabeth Robilio, Charley Wagle

Belle: Caitlin Weber

Roses: Lindsey Girano Evelyn Mills, Jenin Van der Ven

Snow White: Camila Cuevas

Red Riding Hood:

Red Riding Hood:  Stella Adler (replacing Charlotte Carter)
Wolf: Aislinn Kisner

Magic Trees: Ben Kaay, Kennedy Stad, Declan Weber

Cinderella: Aria Kaay

Ariel: Charley Wagle

Fish: Stella Adler, Marion Rickard, Kennedy Stad, Alexis Yau

12 Dancing Princesses

Contessa Atkinson, Julia Carlander, Katharine Carlander, Camila Cuevas, Lindsey Girano, Aria Kaay, Aislinn Kisner, Evelyn Mills, Elisabeth Robilio, Lizzie Throop, Jenin Van der Ven, Caitlin Weber

Graduating Seniors: Sleeping Beauty Fairy Variations

Abril Rodriguez Flores- Bread Crumb

Lizzie Throop-Bluebird

Jenin Van Der Ven- Lilac Fairy

101 Dalmatians

Cruella: Contessa Atkinson
Dalmatians: Marion Rickard, Kennedy Stad, Sylvie Villard

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel: Ben Kaay
Gretel: Sylvie Villard
Witch: Lizzie Throop
Forest Creatures: Maggie Adler, Stella Adler, Camila Cuevas, Sabrina Hernandez, Sierra Janci, Aria Kaay, Sydney Maaia, Zoe Macdonald, Marion Rickard, Ava Russo, Paloma Vega, Charley Wagle, Caitlin Weber, Declan Weber, Alexis Yau, Paloma Zaragoza